Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adieu Tristesse
 I love to wear floral prints and what is better than an outfit that makes you feel like a blooming flower :-)
It’s so fresh, romantic and trendy and can be mixed easily with many different colors and textures. In this look I’m wearing this sheer flower print blouse with that pink collar detailing ( I have it in a lighter colour as well and you can see it in on of my previous posts "spring bloom" and paired it with my yellow skinny jeans. I especially love the contrast between black and yellow and looks kinda edgy yet stylish. The purse is a total vintage oldtimer from my grandmother, so I am totally sentimental abou tit. The heels are Zaras' older collection (2007) and I adore this gold color that grades up the whole look!


1. Outfit:
Flower Blouse: Romwe; Necklace: H&M; Sunnies:Channel; Yellow skinny jeans: Asos; Gold Heels: Zara; Bracelet: H&M; Bag: Vintage

Affenberg Salem 
I spent my day off at the  Affenberg Salem with my lovely second family in my new hometown. More than 200 Barbary macaques live freely within a forest area of 20 hectares. A footpath guides the visitors through the monkeys' home range where you meet the animals from eye to eye, without any physical barriers. Specially prepared popcorn is distributed free and can be fed to the monkeys which is not only a highlight to children but to adults like me as well :-)  Pretty neat concept that  provides a fascinating contact with our relatives ;-) hehe. Hope you enjoy the pics.


2. Outfit;
Flats: Zara; Bag: Marshalls, Sheik necklace: HRH Collection

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  1. fantastic outfit!you look so elegant!

  2. You are so stylish, I adore your sense of style. Great how you combine elegance and modernity and give your outfits that touch of individuality. Def looking forward to see more of your outfits.

  3. love how you paired the flowery shirt with yellow pants!!! so stylish!!!and the bag is amazing!!!