Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy 3,5 Anniversary to my love

I can't believe that my love and I are together for 3,5 years today. Never did we spend our special day together. As most of you probably already now the Atlantic Ocean aparts us- I living in Germany- my man in the USA.

I have done a video with one of my favourite German songs in the background- of course translated it in English so everybody can understand it. Hope you enjoy.

June 1999 (no wonder he didn't fall in love with me then, I looked totally ridiculous :-D)
We have been knowing each other for over 13 years now. It all started in Corry a lil town in Pennsylvannia where I attended high school as an exchange student. It was the best time of my life and it really widened my horizons plus the most important thing I met the love of my life. Back in 1999 I didn't know that till later in 2008 he added my on facebook and our love story began :-). Chatting via FB and Skype for over a half year EVERY day ( to that time I worked on my diploma thesis) he finally invited me to the Caribean (Saint Maarten) where he studied Medicine.
April 2009 (he looked pretty ridiculous with his goatie and long hair ;-)..)
Since April, 22nd  we haven been inseperable and I am so thankful that our paths got crossed because I couldn't have asked for a better man in my life. Of course it's so heartbreaking not having him with me and I go crazy sometimes when I miss him from the depth of my heart but it's all worth it. I know distance relationsships are not for everybody and you really have to be the type for it. Only one year till he graduates as a Doctor and our common future. I can't tell you how anticipating I am waiting for the day that we can be together every day and doing just normal stuff on a daily basis. Aww how great that will be. The thought of it makes my heart dance :-). Sorry for beeing that sentimental and that lovey dovey type but that's just the way I am :-)
February 2010
July 2010

Nashville Juliy2010
February 2011

März 2011
Switzerland May 2011
August 2012

@Eric: Thank you for beeing my best friend, the love of my life and my soulmate. I couldn't be more blessed in my life. I love you honey..... Happy 3,5 Anniversary and for more wonderful years to come.

Have you ever experienced a distance relationship? How did you deal with the challenge?

 <3 Ani


  1. This is so beautiful Ani! Happy Anniversary. Distance is not easy girl, but with an end in sight, you can do it! It's obvious you guys love each other, so it's worth it!

    1. Mer, you are so sweet, thank you so much for your lovely words, means a lot to me. Have a great day! :-)

  2. Happy anniversary girl! what great pictures! wishing u many more years to come :)


  3. Really nice post! Looks like you two are in love and he is a very lucky man!

  4. My love and I were in a long distance relationship for three years!
    I just moved to Denver this past July when my Visa was approved!
    I totally hear where you are coming from! All the best to you two!!
    -Adrienne. xo

  5. You guys are so perfect for each other! Happy Anniversary!


  6. Aw love this! So happy for you both! That is so wonderful he is your best friend and may you both live a lifetime of happiness together! Thank you for sharing all of these memorable photos! (He is so handsome too!)


  7. What a great story. Happy Anniversary.


  8. Such a WONDERFUL story of LOVE! Wishing you and hubby ALL THE BEST!

    Time will pass and you will be together for good before you know it!

  9. This is the sweetest love story I have ever heard! It makes my heart sing. It should be made into a movie! I love that you met in HIGHSCHOOL!

    I have had a couple of long distance relationships, all of which have ended in the man cheating on me :-( So glad yours is working out!

    1. Awww you made my day with your lovely and thoughtful comment. you are just the sweetest Molly thank you so much! I am sorry it didn't work out for you, but unfaithfull rs can happen even when you live togehter. Thank you so much again :-)

  10. all the very best!


  11. What a sweet love story!! I can't wait until you can be together again. The distance must be so hard, I can't even imagine. You are a very beautiful couple!!! Also, I have to tell you that you've officially made my week! Your comment was so sincere & thoughful. I really appreciate it. Being a mom is the bigggest blessing in my life. I love it!:)
    xo, amy

  12. Aww soooo sweet. You guys make a beautiful couple and I hope for many many more to come!!

  13. Happy anniversary! You're such a gorgeous couple!!

    xo Ashley

  14. Girl, you have me tearing up! That was so sweet. Congratulations on the anniversary. I am happy you have found your one! BTW, love all the old pics! :) You looked beautiful in all of them.

    -- Krista

  15. WOW, such an amazing and sweet love story! Congratulations on your anniversary and I wish you many, many more to come! And you both look SO adorable in all those pictures!


  16. Aaaaw, you two are so cute together and what an amazing story! Happy anniversary! :)

  17. Ani, WOW, what a beautiful tribute to the Man you love. He is so lucky to have you. The song and video are so beautiful. Ha ha, I can't believe how different Eric looks with a goatee! :) You two look so in love in every single photograph. I can feel your love shining through my computer screen! :) At least your journey apart is nearly over!

    xo Jenny

  18. Aww I love this story! Thanks for sharing! I had no idea you guys were so far apart and I think that's it so sweet you were a foreign exchange student and met in high school! I think that qualifies you to be high school sweethearts :) You two are a gorgeous couple!

    Pearls & Paws

  19. This is such a cute post:) Following you on GFC and Bloglovin! It will be great if you can check my blog!

    Kisses, Lucy!

  20. Ani, this is so sweet! I had no idea you were in a long distance relationship and I commend you both for making it work despite the distance! My boyfriend, John, and I were long distance for a year before I made the decision to move in with him. We were separated by 1,000 miles and I know what you mean when you say you can't wait for the day when you can be together doing normal things everyday! I felt like that so often and it is hard only seeing the one you love certain times. Stay strong, only one more year. Happy anniversary! <3


  21. This is the most romantic!!! you look so in love and it must be so hard for you! it will all be worth it in the end. Hope you get to enjoy this milestone with him soon xx

  22. What a sweet and touching post. Thanks for sharing your love story with all of us.
    Best wishes on this anniversary and for many more to come :)

  23. This outfit looks amazing, simple but soo classy! Nice choice, keep it up, your blog is very interesting! Please check out my new post :)

  24. Congrats girl! :) Love all of the photos and I hope you really enjoy it! Distance is definitely challenging and a few years ago in my past relationship we were away from each other for 9 months. Sometimes it was really rough, but in the end it only made us stronger. I hope it is the same for you :)

  25. Soooo romantic! You are such a beautiful couple, I had a long distance relationship for more than a year and now we are married and finally together:) Congratulations on the anniversary dear!!!

  26. You two look so sweet together! Thanks for sharing, it must be hard being so far apart!


  27. Your love story is so touching! I love hearing about other couple's journey together. Here's to a long life together!


  28. Aww what a great love story! Happy Anniversary! I too was in a long distance relationship for a while, I ended up moving across the country (800 miles) and far away from all of my family and friends to try to make it work. It has been hard but all good things come to those who wait :)


    Fierce & Fashionable

  29. You two are PRECIOUS! I hope this year goes by so fast for you, I can't imagine long distance.
    Thanks for all the sweet words on my blog - you have a new follower ;) Love your style, lady!

    Sam ipsa loquitur

  30. Awwww what a very beautiful couple....simply made for each other!!!


  31. awwwww.... youre such a romantic person.... you even count the half year..... soooooooooooooooo cute!
    I dont think I can be as brave as you are to have a long distance relationship... I am a type, that if I dont see you, hear you , near you or touch you = we dont belong ....
    good sharing! youre nice and a keeper!

  32. aaawh you guys look amazing together
    such beautifull pictures!!

    congrats to both of you and ENJOY!!!

    xoxo Tamara Chloé