Thursday, October 18, 2012

Series 3 in 1: Variety of a printed scarf blouse

There is no denying that my printed scarf blouse is one of the most used items in my closet. Past examples are seen (here)  and (here). When I spotted this blouse at the Zara store in the spring time, it was love at first sight and I immediately started planning various outfits in my head. I love that it can take a rather simple outfit and instantaneously jazz it up. Money well spent, since it has been on heavy rotation since joining my way to overfilled closet. Do you like incorporating an item to various looks?
I think I will do a series of how to remix one item into many different looks as we don't have an unlimited budget to get new clothes all the time- well at least not me!!!!!!

Do you like that kind of post? Let me know! I planned on doing this kind of post once a month.

 Blouse: Zara
Leather pants: Zara
Heels: Geox
Clutch: Mango
Necklace: Sheik from HRH Collection

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and (here) if you missed this one!

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  1. wow nice combination.

  2. Great outfit and pictures :)

    Visit my blog and become a follower if you want

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  4. Lovely shirt and so versatile, love all outfits.


  5. great top! love this!


  6. Scarf prints on anything is simply the most versatile that ever happened all your looks!!!


  7. I totally adore this blouse! It's great that it is combinable with so many colors. Also the previous outfit is magnificient! Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I appreciate them very much and may come back to your if I need help :)

    Have a lovely day! Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

  8. I LOVE this blouse on you, the colors are so pretty. You look beautiful!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. I love how you've styled this blouse! It is a gorgeous piece and looks so great on you!


  10. Hi Ani! Thank you SO much for your sweet comments! I am your newest follower, on bloglovin and GFC and Will be following you daily! I love this printed blouse, the colors remind me of the ocean, so pretty! Love how you paired it with a belt too!


  11. i love your blouse! it's one of those statement pieces that works well with so many thing

    want to follow each other? :)

  12. I just liked your page Ani! I'd love it if you'd like my FB page as well! I love this blouse!! The color is so pretty on you, and I love each way you styled it!

  13. Die Bluse ist sehr schön, ist sie denn aus Seide? Deine Frisur sieht toll aus!

  14. That blouse is gorgeous on you. I am a huge fan of clothes that get alot of use because sometimes I buy things and I wear them only once and I get disappointed that I purchased the item.


  15. Oh my gosh! I love that blouse! Such beautiful colors & the print is exquisite!
    xx, amy

  16. i don't know which outfit i love best, but this blouse is amazing!!

  17. Lovin' the blouse on you! You have a great blog! x

  18. Such a pretty blouse! You look gorg in every shot too.

    xo Ashley

  19. Hey Girl!! Love that shirt! Your right it does just add a little zing to an outfit. I love how you have styled it differently among all the looks. You look beautiful. Hope you have a great weekend.


  20. Yes the scarf blouse can be worn in so many ways !! Thanks for showing them all !!

    And nice music in the backdrop!

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  21. I love this blouse, i really need a scarf print item, i have been eyeing up a dress recently, have a good weekend x

  22. It's such a great blouse, and yes, I love seeing it styled different ways. You've done a great job!!


  23. I just LOVE that top! You look gorgeous! And yes, your order will go toward the fundraiser :) Thanks!

  24. love the different stylings! the color looks great on you


  25. Dear Ani, thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words!
    I'm your new follower too!
    Love 3 in 1 idea as well, that's smth I'd like to do more too.


  26. Liebe Ani,
    und du kannst dir nicht vorstellen, wie sehr ich mich über deine lieben Kommentare gefreut habe! Bitte entschuldige, dass ich so lange gebraucht habe, um dir zu antworten, aber bei mir ist gerade abseits des Internets recht viel los (Umzug, Jobsuche, Möbel aussuchen, etc. - du kennst das ja bestimmt), sodass ich gerade leider sehr wenig Zeit habe für den Blog. Aber es wird wieder mehr Posts geben bald! Wieso bekommst du keine Besuche aus D? Ich habe eigentlich recht viele deutsche Leser, so 70% würde ich sagen, schau doch mal bei mir die Kommentare durch und klick auf ein paar, alle sind wirklich super nett! Und ja, bei mir gibt es viele Opern und Konzertbesuche, weil für einen richtigen Fashion-Blog ist mein Alltags-Style definitiv zu unspannend, und außerdem ziehe ich auch immer mal wieder das gleiche Outfit an, das würde dann ja schnell langweilig werden ;-) Daher schreibe ich eigentlich nur über Outfits, die ich zur Oper, zum Konzert, ins Theater und zu wissenschafltichen Tagungen anhatte, daher sind auch die meisten Outfits, die ich poste, eher chic ;-)
    Ich war leider nur einmal in Budapest und da auch leider nicht in der Oper, sehr schade!
    Und in mir hast du jetzt natürlich auch einen neuen "Stalker" ;-) Sag darf ich dich noch was fragen? Wie bekommst du deine Haare so schön hin? Ich bin da leider völlig unbegabt, und daher sind meine fast immer zu einem Pferdeschwanz zusammen gebunden... Hast du dazu mal ein Tutorial gemacht oder einen Post gemacht?

    xxx Anita

  27. Hi! I found your blog by chance and I love it! It's super interesting and your looks are great. I follow you via GFC, and I invite you to visit my blog. I hope that you like. kiss kiss. V.

  28. Such a pretty blouse! I like you showing different ways to wear it. I've thought about doing a post like this, too. I need to! :) Love your red lip in the first, too!

  29. I have the same blouse in yellow, yours is great and you look lovely =) also I love your hair, so pretty. We already follow each other on GFC and now I am following you in Bloglovin (n. 35) and Facebook, would be great if you followed on those two as well, thank you hon =) Kisses

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  30. gorgeous blouse-i love it best with the green skirt!

  31. I love seeing the way you styled this beautiful top - every single one looked fantastic!

    Pearls & Paws

  32. That blouse is so pretty! It is a great color on you:)
    Thank you so much for your sweet birthday wishes:)

  33. Such a beautiful blouse! I love when you find those gems that you can't get tired of wearing and you can mix and match with almost everything! I love every single outfit, they are totally different but you look fabulous in all of them!


  34. WOW, I love all the ways you've styled this beautiful blouse!! I love seeing how bloggers can mix up the same piece. I agree, I've been buying a lot of clothes lately, but I really need to stop and save some money. I would love to see your new series!

    xo Jenny