Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lederhose n' Plaid

I have posted these  two on instagram: @fleuranii if you like to follow me there
Leatherpants: Stockerpoint: Blouse: Stockerpoint: Boots: Le Bunny Bleu; Bracelet: Marshalls

Since I have moved to South Germany nearly 4 years ago, I have enlarged my wardrobe with some german traditional items like a Dirndl and some pair of Lederhosen. I have worn this a couple weeks a go to an event where the apple queen of the Bodensee was elected. I didn't feel like wearing the classic Dirndl and thought a cute pair of Lederhosen will do the job. I guess men probably prefer the dress but I like it. Do you actually have Lederhosen abroad and wear them?


  1. Hi! You look absolutely gorgeous! I love it! And that shorts are awesome!!!

    Jessica |

  2. Hi Ani;)

    You look like a true german girl, I especially love the shorts!
    Wonderfull photos dear!

    I have sent you a few emails but didn't get a reply, I hope all is well and you received my mails;)
    Your gift should be in your mail box by now;) yay!

    xx Tamara Chloé

  3. Too cute for words my friend!!!!


  4. Adorable! I was going to say that it even looks like you're in southern Germany--and then I read that you are! I love the gingham blouse with the lederhosen. As much as I like dirndls, it's nice to change things up. I have only one pair of lederhosen and I wore them for Oktoberfest.