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Monday, July 8, 2013

red or blue bag? Hmm ok......BOTH

Dress: H&M; red clutch & blue bag: Vintage from the 70's; Heels; Shoe Dazzle; Pearl Necklace: Forever 21; Bracelet: gifts from my girlfriends i.e. Christiane, Elly

Why are women so WHY am I so indecisive when it comes to pick out clothes to pack a suitcase or like in this case should I pick the red clutch or the cute little leather vintage bag that I got for 5€? And believe me there were more to choose of, this was already the final selection. Maybe because I just purchased them on a vintage flea market a couple of days ago and was so excited that I just wanted to take them out both? Hmmm, I don't know?
When it comes to other decision making things in life for instance business, I have a clear mind and quick approach OR when to tell my boyfriend what to do [he likes that oh yeah] hehehe ;-)

There is an interesting idiom of a swiss author (Carl Spitteler) who was awarded nobel prize for literature: "Indicisiveness is also a covardice- willcorvadice."

Is there an aetiology about indecision? Is there cure? Help! In the meantime I am a sissy and just take both :-)

PS: Usually I narrow down the choice of picture BUT in this case I like too many. It must have been my day of indicisiveness. Sorry for so many pictures ;-)

PSPS: Aren't hose white heels are super chic? Eric imported them for me as we don't have Shoe Dazzle here in Germany, what a bummer. I love their collection.

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