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Monday, January 5, 2015

Goodbye 2014

Thank you for all your support in 2014. I am excited what 2015 has in store.......

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fit for Life- Fitnessfashion @MPG @Marika

Shoes: sold out but similar Nikes; Pants: MPG; Top; Marika similar

Living and feeling a healthy lifestyle was my biggest goal for this year resolution. This means drinking at least 2-3 liter  of water as it has so many beneficials for your body. Everyday I press one lemon and mix it in my water of bottle for that extra flavor and vitamin c kick.
I distanced myself from preserved food and started buying more local fruits and vegetable.
Most of all it was super important for me to be more active as I have an office job and sit at least 8 hours a day. I integrated workouts at the gym in my everyday life and made it a habit. Every day or at last 3 times a week I spend my lunch break at the gym, as it is only 5 minutes away from my office. I always felt so super tired around 1 PM and this really keeps my blood flowing and I felt so refreshed and great after my working out session.

Don't get me wrong I was active last year as well but not as regular and my priorities were cardio training.
Thanks of my athletic boyfriend he pointed out that strength training is at least as important as cardio to build up my muscle structure and burn more fat in the long term. Short story long I changed up my training by warming up 10 minutes on the eliptical followed by strength training workouts. Each session  I focus on another muscle group. Monday is leg and butt day, tuesday I do my back and abs, wednesday is shoulder and trizeps day.  It's so important to throw in days of rest so your muscles have time to recover and get stronger. After strength training I go back to the cardio training again for 20-30 minutes. I always stretch before I start with the machines though, so that my muscle get warmed up and I don't injure myself.

I can't tell you guys, but this change made such a huge difference. Of course I didn't loose weight (which wasn't my goal in the first place) as I build up muscles but my structure improved and I am toned which makes you look fitter and thinner as well. So many people told me that I have lost so much weight and I told them that I did not but just are more toned now.
Not only did the outward appearance changed but my migraine attacks cut back as well plus my skin ( I do have acne) looks so much better now too.

Working out on a daily basis became my lifestyle and I couldn't imagine a day not being active anymore.  For a fashionista like me it naturally is so much more fun when you have gym clothes that are not just baggy and boring but kinda motivate you to look great while you are sweating. There is nothing like cute work out wear to give your that extra motivation.

I love purchasing fun colored looking tops and sneakers. My favorite go to brand is from Marika. Love the price performance ratio, the quality is just great and the clothes just hit my curves at the right place.

I came across MPG Mondeta Performance Gear workout clothes last year and ever since I just purchase my leggings and working out pants there. They fit like a glove and usually persuade with unique stylish details. Those pants above with the stripes around the hips and ankles are the perfect fun finish touch.  When I did a lot of travelling this year, I only wore those pants and my bf was like "You are wearing now on day 4th- UPS, sorry, they are just so comfy and stylish at the same time, I can't help it.
I also bought some sweaters from that brand that I am not only wearing to work out but also wear in my every day life to give a chic ensemble a sporty casual touch.

My boyfriend got me those nikes for my birthday which I am obsessed with.

I hope you enjoy the pictures that has been taking in my gym.

Have you sticked to your new years resolution? What are your favorite work outs you swear out?

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