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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Casual checked rainbow blouse and blog tip of the month WIRL

Vest: C&A; Checked blouse: H&M; Pants: Mango; Shoes: Görtz; Bag: Carbotti bags

So after a couple of wedding guest attire looks in the last weeks on my blog, it's time to get dress down a little bit. I wore this to a barbecue party last weekend, casual yet simple chic. The khaki vest is the perfect layering piece for cooler nights.

Die letzten Wochen waren dem Thema "Hochzeitsgäste Kleider"  auf meinem Blog gewidmet. Es wird Zeit sich dem etwas gelassenerem zu zuwenden. Dieses Outfit trug ich letztes Wochenende auf einer Grill Party, leger denoch einfach und chic. Die khaki farbene Weste is das perfekte Teil zum "drüberwerfen" für die  kühleren Sommer Nächte.

Blog Tip of the Month:

Sara, Ashley P. Ashley L. Lauren

Sara, a highschool friend of mine just recently started a super cool and helpful blog with 3 of her girl friends called WIRL - (What Its Really Like) to be a mama, moma-to-be and/or a parent on one all-inclusive website. It's the perfect platform where you can get answers on pregnancy and what it's really like to be a momy, interact with others and escape the everyday pressure of being a superhero.

I know lots of my blogger friends are starting or already started their own family and for me as a future want to be momy it's so helpful to find topics around pregnancy and thought it might interesting for you as well.

So make sure to check the amazing blog of these beautiful momy ladies and share some love:

"Through Wirl Mamas, you will be able to see that each of us had our own unique pregnancy and labor experience as well as our own parenting techniques, but there are always four unique opinions on each topic with the hope that we reach more people and deliver a well-rounded, unbiased view of each subject. Some of our posts are funny, some are sad but most of all, they are all the absolute truth. We strive to provide honest feedback, as well as, sharing our feelings on our journey through motherhood thus far. We hope that we can help others to see"that doing the best you can is all anyone can ask for, even if you feel like a crazy person sometimes."