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Monday, July 29, 2013

True Love - The Notebook

Today's post is a little bit different....
Because of him I feel complete and being content and happy in my heart. With him I shine even more and  look even prettier in this beautifull dress.
Do y'all know the great love story of Noah & Allie in the Notebook? This is exactly what our love is like!

“I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I've ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours. ”
Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook 

I love him for his warmhearted smiles and pretty blue eyes....
 I love when he dances with me at totally awkward places...
I love when we have a good time together and he laughs about my goofiness...

 I love that he makes this "turtle move" in order to kiss me because I am soo small...
 I love beeing free as a bird when I am with him...
 I love standing by him...
 I love when he looks at me like that...
 Grrr he drives me nuts when he tickles me but he loves how I laugh out loud
 Because of me he has his sixpack... ;-)
 I love when he makes this facial expression, means he is thinking about sth. ["when do I get tf out of here taking pictures and have a beer"]
 I love when he helps me down because I was climping a 2 meter wall with 4 inch heels to take pictures...
 and can't make it myself.....
Looking in his blue eyes connects me to his beautiful soul...
Here is an abstract of my favourite movie:

Love me some classic oldy movies and music

Congrats, you made it through this lovey dovey post!
I promise, in the next post that beautiful Elise dress from Asos will be the main character!

Thanks for reading and have a great start in the week. I am finaly back from my Italy trip and will share some impressions of it in the next weeks! So sorry that I lacked visiting your blogs, I just enjoy my time with Eric before he head back to Atlanta in a week. We won't be seeing each other for a half year again. I will be around your blog SOOON, promise!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy 3,5 Anniversary to my love

I can't believe that my love and I are together for 3,5 years today. Never did we spend our special day together. As most of you probably already now the Atlantic Ocean aparts us- I living in Germany- my man in the USA.

I have done a video with one of my favourite German songs in the background- of course translated it in English so everybody can understand it. Hope you enjoy.

June 1999 (no wonder he didn't fall in love with me then, I looked totally ridiculous :-D)
We have been knowing each other for over 13 years now. It all started in Corry a lil town in Pennsylvannia where I attended high school as an exchange student. It was the best time of my life and it really widened my horizons plus the most important thing I met the love of my life. Back in 1999 I didn't know that till later in 2008 he added my on facebook and our love story began :-). Chatting via FB and Skype for over a half year EVERY day ( to that time I worked on my diploma thesis) he finally invited me to the Caribean (Saint Maarten) where he studied Medicine.
April 2009 (he looked pretty ridiculous with his goatie and long hair ;-)..)
Since April, 22nd  we haven been inseperable and I am so thankful that our paths got crossed because I couldn't have asked for a better man in my life. Of course it's so heartbreaking not having him with me and I go crazy sometimes when I miss him from the depth of my heart but it's all worth it. I know distance relationsships are not for everybody and you really have to be the type for it. Only one year till he graduates as a Doctor and our common future. I can't tell you how anticipating I am waiting for the day that we can be together every day and doing just normal stuff on a daily basis. Aww how great that will be. The thought of it makes my heart dance :-). Sorry for beeing that sentimental and that lovey dovey type but that's just the way I am :-)
February 2010
July 2010

Nashville Juliy2010
February 2011

März 2011
Switzerland May 2011
August 2012

@Eric: Thank you for beeing my best friend, the love of my life and my soulmate. I couldn't be more blessed in my life. I love you honey..... Happy 3,5 Anniversary and for more wonderful years to come.

Have you ever experienced a distance relationship? How did you deal with the challenge?

 <3 Ani