Sunday, April 7, 2013

Laced in mint

Blazer: H&M
Dress: Orsay
Bag: Boutique
Heels: Via Uno
Belt: H&M
Flower: H&M
Ring: Pilgrim
Necklace: Gift

I am so obsessed with those ocean colours recently. Usually I grab for all different minty shades in the spring and throughout the summer, just so flattering on each hair and skin tone and simply refreshing. As much as I am in love with mint I am with this elegant crochet dress.Can you imagine that I got this beauty for only 20€. Was so excited when I saw the sale sign on it and if the would have had it in different colours, I would def have purchased it. It has puffy shoulders which you can't see on the pics, unfortunately forgot to take my blazer off and has a pencil skirt fit. I dressed it in a more elegant way for work but it can be dressed down by simply putting a white cropped shirt over, using the dress as a skirt and finish it with a denim jacket. I will show you different ways on how to style it in the future if you are interested? I gave this ensemble an unexpected twist by adding a leopard belt. Isn't it fun how an accessoire can change the appearance of an outfit? Thank you to my love for this precious pearl necklace he got me for christmas.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Office Chic in Ocean Colours + 1 Anniversary

Royal blue and emerald paired together remind me of the beautiful Caribbean Ocean, where I have been quite often while Eric attended medical school in Saint Maarten and Antigua. That colour combo is super refreshing and flatters every skin tone and hair colour. To give this ensemble a vivid touch, I played with different textures. The blouse is a really smooth flowy material-nearly feels like silk and compensates the heavy brocade and lurex metallic pants perfectly. I kept the accessories on the natural side not to overdo it and styled my hair to a more messy side bun to not look too polished.

On another side note: I am celebrating my first Blog Anniversary- YEAH. It was a wonderful year of extending my personal style through the wonderful inspirations and support of you guys. Thank you so much for all the love throughout the year. When I started my blog, I didn't expect such a supportive community and I am so glad to met so wonderful ladies within the blogosphere that I can call my blogger friends. Cheers to a wonderful blogging year ahead!

PS: I am linking up with my beautiful friend Elena today, she masters to rock floral and stripes so perfectly. Check it out!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Elegant in forest green and mint for under 100€

 Blazer, Dress, Tights, Gloves: H&M
Belt: Mango
Heels: Deichmann
Bag: Boutique
Necklace: F21

Did you ever build your outfit upon your heels? That's what I did when it comes to the colours.
I absolutely discovered my love for green hues last year and can't wait to combine emerald with the spring colour mint in so many different ways. Can you imagine that I got the dress and gloves for only 10€ each and the super cute leather heels for 13€? To give it an unexpected pop of colour I decided to go with my burgundy tights and belt and adore the outcome of the crispy clean classic look- the 3 C's hahaha ;-)

PS: I am so sorry I am just posting once a week recently, need to go back to the hospital on tuesday and lacking time to blog and comment on each blog but I guarantee, I am reading yours for sure, so that you know I didn't forget you. Can't wait to be back to normal! Thank you for your patience!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pleat dress worn as a skirt/Bloglovin

I didn't fee like wearing a sequin dress on this day so I decided to build up with a pleated top to create a pleat on pleat look. Did you ever try to mix two of the same material design in one? I know I have wearing this top alot recently seen here, here , but can you resist emerald and pleat in one?

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Have a great sunday! I will hit the gym now :-)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Knitting me softly

Sweater: Mango
Button down: H&M
Skirt: Zara
Overknees: Tschibo
Boots: Nine West
Bag: Chanel  
Necklace:  H&M

I wore this simple outfit when Eric and I were running some errands. As it was one of these rainy cold days, I put some overknees on to feel comfy yet put together.  Are you as much weather sensitive as I am when it's pretty mediocre outside. I just don't radiate happiness when it's like that, as you can tell on my pics. Plus I don't like the outcome of the pictures and this look (I swear it looked so much better in person). 
What is your go to, when you are running errands?

Monday, March 11, 2013

earthy tones embedded in leather + pet stvari

Leather Pants: New York & Company
Blouse: Daisy Rae Boutique worn here
Belt: H&M
Pumps: Nine West
Necklace: H&M
Bag: Chanel

I knew I will get a lot of use out of this blouse when I spotted it on Kacie's Kloset Shop. The material is so flowy that is was the perfect choice for this sunny warm winter day in Sarasota. The coral colour gives the leather pants a fresh kick, the leopard heels and belt a fun twist.
I already wore the blouse in the fall (here) in a more bohemian way.

Which way do you like better?

My sassy nugget Sam  tagged me along with four other smart blogger girls to answer five random things. I'm aboard for a fun game. Since everyone is posting the title in their second language, I decided to post my title in Serbia because...

1. half of my roots are serbian. I am probably more fluent in English since at the age of 3  I refused talking serbian with my mom. I mean seriously after I went to kindergarten and had only german kiddos around me and german language was the only communication I ever heard and chatted, why should I all of a suddenstart talking in another language? My strong willed personality came to surface already then, when I told her to stop that twaddle. I must have convinced her, she never tried it after all  :-)

2. In middle school I probably spent most of my time outside the classroom and infront of the door as punishment as I didn't have the patience to put my hands up on school to share my answer to the teachers question, I screamed it in the classroom :-D. On the other hand I was the class clown and did all kind of random things OMG. My class teacher whom I had from 5th-10t grade told me he will never forget me hahahaha (of course in a positive way) :-)

3. Did anyone of you ever dared to take animals to school? -> this girl did. In 5th grade I went into the stall of my neighbour and decided to show the baby chicken the school life. In math, when that little chicken started to squeak (which was placed in my satchel) my class teacher said:" Ok Ani, not only do you chat all the time, shout in the class you are starting to squeak?" hahahaha fun times. OH that wasn't the only time by the way, like 5 years later my guinea pig had the honour to make an appearance :-) Of course he started whistling and I was in trouble again :-) As you can see I have a huge heart for animals and I love to be surrounded by then. Maybe I should take one of my neighbours pig to work? OMG just kidden!

4. You can call me the bird whisperer. My budgie was not only a great talker as his mommy, he sounded exactly like me :-). I think because of my really high voice, it was easy for him to pick up what I taught him. Oh and he loved the backstreet boys and danced to their music  and even called their name, sooooooooo cute. As a matter of fact, the backstreet boys visited my high school  in 1998 *I swear*

5. I am probably the most ticklish person in the whole wide universe. When my chiropractor just reaches the side of my body I start giggling and make movements till he stops. When Eric gives me a foot massage which is probably the most relaxing thing ever- For other people, I am screaming and laughing as it's a matter of life and death :-). Eric enjoys my loud laughing, that he can't stop it! grrrr hahahahaha

Ok, so that was fun, right?

And now it's your turn. What are 5 of your random facts about you?

Monday, March 4, 2013

An old flame never dies Link Up

While I was organizing my closet the other day, I came across this lady's suit which I purchased 4 years ago after I graduated from university and needed an appropriate suit for my interviews. As  it is pretty conservative by its own I prepped it up with pink tights and my favourite fur vest. Taking the blazer off wearing a peplum belt and a shirt with leather panels make it so up to date and fashionable.
It's always so effective to invest in classic items as they still can be used in the far future and be mixed up with modern accessoires as I did with this costume. Houndstooth probably never gets out of style and exudes elegance and feminity. I am not a big fan of wearing a complete suit by itself but prefer using the blazer and wear it with another not matching skirt or pants and vice versa. That way outfits can be styled so versatile and appear in a new light.

Except of the fur vest, the peplum belt and the booties everything is older than < 4 years.

I am looking forward to what oldie you digged out of your closet and give renewed sparkle.
The link up series will be open till next sunday. Thank you so much!