Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nautical in the mix

 Dress: Asos
Cardigan: Mango
Blue Blazer: Zara
Heels: Asos
Clutch white, black, red: H&M, Zara, Ebay
             Necklace: HRH Collection

One of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe is this nautical dress because of the gold buttons- I LOVE GOLD BUTTONS as they dress up any outfit :-), and the stripes. It can be worn in so many ways.  Depending on the choice of shoes, clutches, jackets and accessoires individual looks can be created.
Paired with heels and a blazer its upgraded to a business look or to go out on a date. A more casual look can be achieved by wearing flats and a cardigan.
Which look do you like better?


  1. I completely agree, I LOVE gold buttons also! They really dress up an outfit and add a chic appeal. My favorite outfit is the first picture, with the red cardigan and heels. So fabulous!

    <3 Jenny

  2. aren't you a cute little sailor! i like the dress so much and your jump shots are cute. i discovered you on chictopia today and just wanted to say hi! :)

    it would make me happy if you visited too!
    pandaphilia style
    blog sale

  3. Angie you are so sweet, thank you so much for enjoyig my shots :-). Glad you stumbled by. Of course I would like to make you happy and I must say, I really like your blog and style. My best friend is a neurologist so its's great that you find time for fashion as I know how bussy you must be with learning. Def following you :-)

  4. Love the outfits and your style <3
    And you're beautiful! :)


    1. Aww you are so sweet Meg, thank you so much :-*

  5. Love how you showed versatility with the classics!!! Love the looks. Can't wait to see more. Def. following you!


    1. You made my day Krista, excited that you become a follower, thank you so much :-)

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