Sunday, June 19, 2016

Embellished Asos Dress

Dress: Asos; Denim Jacket;  H&M; Bag: Carbotti Designerbag; Heels. Zign via Zalando

I have a super sweet spot for anything embellished related and this dress is no exception and has become a closet favorite in an instant.
Isn't it always fun to have a couple of items in your closet that hands down are not the most practical but make you feel so confident and happy when you throw them on? This super embellished dress from Asos gives you that red carpet feeling. With love to its' details it is the perfect party dress and one that will definitely stand out from the crowd. The last selfie pic was taken in december before I went out to a party and I got tons of compliments.
Throw a denim jacket over and the sparkly sequin dress can be tansformed to a more daily appropriated dress.
I even use this dress as a decor on my racket, so when I enter the bedroom the sparkles put a smile on my face :-)



  1. I liked you hairstyle.
    Thirth and fifth shots my favorites.

  2. Such a fun dress!! Looks gorgeous on you!

    xx, Elise

  3. This is an amazing dress! And you look so stunning in it! Absolutely gorgeous!


  4. Super cute dress, looks stunning on you! Love it paired with the denim jacket as well.

    Would love for you to join this week's Good HUES-Day linkup :)


  5. Fabulous dress and I think the denim jacket goes perfectly! I would love you to stop by and add this post to my link up if you get a chance.

  6. I love this dress! This place looks amazing!

  7. Always so lovely Ani. I love the design of this dress and it fits you perfectly! Gorgeous. I love having items I want to go to more often, dresses that make me feel great. Love the shots near the boats, lets go!
    thanks for linking up with turning heads tuesday'

  8. Gorgeous dress, and scenery. Love the classic handbag too - it is elegant like you. xox


  9. Love the dress and that you shot those by the lake! You look great!