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Monday, October 14, 2013

Grunge look + new hair cut

Skirt: H&M; Vest + Boots: Marshalls; checked Shirt: TK Maxx Bielefeld; Jacket: Orsay
Once in a while I need some changes. Last year I colored my hair Brown, see here, this time I went for a bob. I actually wanted to have a long sleek bob like Gwyneth Paltrow but my hair was so strongly layered in the front part, that it needs to grow into that length. Yeah it's different, I need to get used to it but what I am already loving is the quick hair wash and blow dry :-)
Another unexpected hing is this grungy look I am wearing today. Usually I tend to grab for more classic chic pieces just because of my professional background. Fashion is all about playing around with different styles and getting out of your comfort Zone, so I jumped on the plaid grungy wagon, a huge trend right now. I had all those pieces in my closet already.
 A look wouldn't be pinkish without mesh tights and fishnet gloves/gauntlets. As I don't wear those gloves in my every day life, I did a spontaneous diy project by transforming my fishnet leggings into those gauntlets by just tearing a whole in the "between leg area". Et voila, a checked grunge look was born. My favourite Marshalls vest kept me warm and added preppiness to this street style look.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Peplum 3 in1 Remix

Peplum: VJ Style (recent); Dress: Marshalls (old); Pumps: Deichmann; Necklace: H&M; Bag: Orsay; Sunnies: Esprit

Shorts: H&M; Pumps: Zara (recent)

Skinny Jeans: Asos; Pumps; NineWest; Belt; H&M; Bag: Chanel
I saw it, I purchased it, I wore it in 3 ways. Usually before I put an item in my shopping bag, I visualize how it matches with the rest of my clothes in the closet. Here is just an example to wear this high low peplum with a skirt/dress, jeans and shorts. The two other versions will be shown in the next post.
Are you wearing the items you buy just with the same items or do you experiment?